Bedbug on an arm

Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs are small pests smaller than a quarter of an inch in size that feed on the blood of humans and animals. Although not equipped with wings the bed bug does possess the ability to move very quickly and is prone to rapid infestation as a result. The Bed Bug concern is a common one, as these tiny mites are known to have spread from their place of origin in Asia to the rest of the world. The female Bed Bug can lay eggs on any given day, and has a life span of just over a year. This results in a rapid explosion of the Bed Bug population.

It active at night, when we are asleep, and the primary clue to the infestation of Bed Bugs is the presence of marks on the skin in the morning. The bed bug will feed during the night, and as it feeds on the blood it leaves behind marks of its presence. It feeds by spearing the skin and inserting a tube with which it pulls out the blood. Because it's so small and only feeds when we sleep generally the person is completely unaware that they are being bitten.