Bees feasting


There are roughly 20,000 varieties of bees in the world, though when we speak of bees generally honeybees or bumblebees come to mind. These species are social bees that live in hives or colonies and are not generally aggressive. The only time bees sting is when an intruder, be it animal or human, comes too close to a nest, agitates it, or physically harms a bee. The threatened bee will not only sting in defense, but also releases an alarm pheromone to attract other bees, signaling them to join in the attack.

Needless to say, DO NOT attempt to 'knock down' a bee hive by yourself. It only takes one bee to feel threatened and then you're under siege of seemingly endless stingers. Even If you choose not to employ the professional services of Above All Pest Solutions we STRONGLY encourage you to find a trained pest control operator to handle your situation. Of all the pest situations you may try to take of yourself bees are the most dangerous to assume you can handle on your own.